Equine Preventative Care

veterinary caring a horse with a vaccination
At Reata Equine, we know that preventative care is key to ensuring your equine companion stays happy and healthy. By offering affordable and accessible services, we make it easy for horse owners to take the necessary steps to protect their animal's well-being.

Wellness Programs for Peace of Mind

We offer free wellness programs to our clients. These programs include physical exams to evaluate your horse's overall health and a review of feeding practices, vaccinations, and parasite control. Our vets for horses will also explain any findings and make recommendations for improving your horse's health. Wellness program members also receive special discounts on preventative care services.

Hoof Balance Study: Keeping Your Horse Sound

Are you concerned about your horse suffering from lameness due to improper hoof balance? We offer a comprehensive hoof-balance study that uses radiographic images to pinpoint potential problems before they become severe. Our study can also provide your farrier with exact measurements and show changes over time, preventing lameness and promoting good health.

Vaccinations: The Simplest and Most Effective Form of Preventative Medicine

Looking for horse vets for your equine companion in Southern Arizona? We’re committed to preventing illness in the horse community through vaccination clinics and education on the importance of preventative care.

Compassionate Veterinary Care for Southern Arizona Communities

Reata Veterinary Hospital provides equine dentistry, equine lameness, equine podiatry, stall-side equine diagnostics, equine reproduction, emergency services, regenerative medicine, and pre-purchase exams in Tucson and throughout southeastern Arizona.

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