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A unique internship opportunity for new veterinarians.

Are you a brand new veterinarian looking for a unique internship opportunity? Does the idea of both in-office and traveling veterinarian medicine pique your interest? Our internship program at Reata Animal Hospital provides the opportunity for learning and mentorship in both small animal veterinary practice as well as equine ambulatory practice in magnificent Tucson, Arizona.

A Love For Animals, Big and Small

At our small animal practice, our interns can expect to participate in various tasks, including patient exams, diagnostic testing, surgical procedures, and client consultations. They may also be responsible for assisting with the daily care and management of hospitalized patients, including administering medications and monitoring vitals.

When working with the equine ambulatory practice, our interns will participate in stall-side calls, pre-purchase exams, and emergency equine care. It is an incredible opportunity for hands-on learning while operating and maintaining medical equipment, taking labs, and being prepared for the unexpected.

Please contact us today if you have any questions or feel like a veterinarian internship position at Reata Animal Hospital is right for you!

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