Equine Wellness

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Keep Your Horse Healthy and Happy with Reata Equine's Wellness Program in Tucson

Our free wellness program consists of spring and fall visits where we get to know you and your horse. This relationship is vital in the event of an emergency or serious illness.

We begin with a thorough physical exam that covers everything from their general body condition and weight to their mouth, eyes, ears, legs, feet, back, heart, lungs, and even sand accumulation. We'll also review your horse's feed ration and vaccination and parasite control status.
We will discuss our findings and suggestions at the time of the visit. You will also receive a written report to help you maintain your horse's health and soundness.

Benefits of Enrolling in the Program

Enrolling in Reata's Wellness Program has several benefits, including colic and lameness prevention, discounts on various services, and protection from high emergency costs.
10% discount on Digital X-Ray Hoof Balance Study when scheduled during Hoof Balance Months (July & December)
10% discount on Routine Blood Work
15% discount on Dentistry when scheduled during dental months (January & August)
10% discount on fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites

Protection from High Emergency Costs

If your horse is enrolled and in good standing* in the REATA WELL-CARE PROGRAM, we will reduce the emergency call fee by $50 in the event of an emergency.
Looking for an animal hospital near you or a vet clinic in Tucson that treats horses? Let us help. Our free Wellness Program is designed to keep your horse healthy and happy. Don't wait until your horse falls ill to seek veterinary care – contact us for all your equine veterinary needs.

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Reata Veterinary Hospital provides equine dentistry, equine lameness, equine podiatry, stall-side equine diagnostics, equine reproduction, emergency services, regenerative medicine, and pre-purchase exams in Tucson and throughout southeastern Arizona.

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