Equine Reproduction

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At Reata Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to provide your horses with the highest veterinary care.

With a focus on the reproduction of horses, we help owners produce generations of healthy horses throughout Southern Arizona.

Experienced in Equine Reproduction

Led by Dr. Michael W. Conaway, our chief veterinarian and owner, Reata Veterinary Hospital has extensive experience in equine reproduction and horse infertility. With over 30 years of interest in breeding management strategies, our team can provide the best care for your horses.

Breeding Station for Intensive Management

We have a breeding station on the far east side of Tucson for mares requiring intensive management. Utilizing the latest technology, we offer complete mare reproduction packages using either cooled or frozen semen for artificial insemination.

Infertility Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

We also offer mare infertility treatments. Our veterinarians can manage embryonic twinning, CTUP measurements to manage placentitis, and surgery of the reproductive tract of both mares.

Careful Management of High-Risk Pregnancies

Once we have successfully achieved insemination, we manage high-risk pregnancies and provide neonatal services upon birth.

Compassionate Veterinary Care for Southern Arizona Communities

Reata Veterinary Hospital provides equine dentistry, equine lameness, equine podiatry, stall-side equine diagnostics, equine reproduction, emergency services, regenerative medicine, and pre-purchase exams in Tucson and throughout southeastern Arizona.

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